I Made It!

Guess where I am right now?

Thats right, I am finally in Savannah, Georgia!

I am attending the Savannah College of Art and Design and so far it has been great! I am loving the dorm life, the people, the classes, and the cobblestone streets. I love everything about this beautiful city.

I have definitely done my share of walking around Savannah and there are so many hidden beauties everywhere you look; everywhere is its own unique backdrop.

I took this photo at one of the many parks that I walked through while exploring around:


I have met so many fellow artists that each have an interesting story to tell of how they got here, or what inspired them to pursue their art career. Everyone is so accepting of each other, and for the most part, caring and friendly.

I am currently enrolled in Drawing, Design, English, and a First Year Experience class. The schoolwork has kept me busy with countless assignments and projects, but I am glad that it is distracting me from not being at home. (And I’m glad I have Fridays off).

Last but not least, I know you are all dying to see what my dorm looks like, so…..here it is! (Click on the photos to make them larger)


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