What Does Fashion Mean to You?

I am so sorry that this post is a day late…I accidentally set it to post at 7am instead of 7pm, and realized that it didn’t post at like 11pm. (I was caught up with sketching a 18×24 inch plein air)….But I really hope you enjoy this post! 🙂

Coming into the colder weather months, many people love to express their fashion with the endless opportunities that you can create with Fall clothing. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to ask a question to some fellow fashionable people:

What does “fashion” mean to you?

According to Webster’s dictionary, the meaning of fashion is: a popular way of dressing during a particular time or among a particular group of people.

To me, fashion cannot be defined. It is constantly changing. Although there are always popular trends and fads, not everyone is subject to conform to them. Everyone has their own personal style, and the definition of “fashion” means something different to everybody.


“Fashion is an expression of one’s self. Certain color themes, designs, and accessories really paint the picture of how the person wants to be perceived. If someone dresses in a very flashy sort of way, it puts on the impression that he/she is spontaneous and wants to be noticed.” – Ahdo Stephenson

You probably recognize Ahdo as one of the models for my logo shirts! Ahdo’s style is so unique with the ways that he wears things how nobody else does. (Notice how he wears his awesome sweater in the picture above, and with the Felicia Murray Designs Logo Tee here.) Different is good, and he definitely rocks it. 🙂


“Fashion is a glimpse of who I am and what I’m made of. It’s my way of showing to the world the version of me I want them to see. Fashion is very nearly the only form of self-expression that has the ability to leave a lasting impression on someone, granted this is only the case if they aren’t aware of much else more to you than what they see on the surface. How you present yourself to the world is how the world will receive you, and that’s something not too many people realize.” -Leah Kappayil

Leah has always been someone who has inspired me fashionably. Although her aesthetic may seem dark, it doesn’t reflect her personality in a bad way. To me, she seems to imply that she is determined, talented, unique, and artistic. (which she is, and you should check out her amazing photography on her Instagram account, here). Oh, and there’s never such thing as too much black. 🙂


“Fashion is a way to find who you are and what your identity is. You can tell a lot about a person from what they are wearing. For example, if someone is wearing workout clothes, then likely, they work out. Clothing is a way to show people who you are and I think that’s really cool!” -Sydney Estes

Sydney is a really great friend of mine that I have recently met here in Savannah. Her drive to become a fashion designer at SCAD really reflects through what she wears. You can tell that she knows a trend when she sees it, and the bright colors and patterns that she wears reflect on her bubbly, sweet personality. Check out and follow her blog that I was recently featured in, here! 🙂


“When I hear the word fashion I envision the art of creating and designing visually appealing works. Fashion to everyone can be different, but for myself, fashion is first and foremost the art of self-expression. And what more to a beautiful thing than to be able to express yourself? I can express myself without a word being said. I can make an impression off of one look. My personality can shine through the clothing I’m wearing.” -Olivia Ewing

Olivia is one of the most fashionable people that I know. Her girly colors mixed with wearing fabrics like fur and leather give her a whole new aesthetic that is still professional and contemporary. She totally pulls off the leather and fur. Check out her amazing blog, here! 🙂


“Fashion to me, is about expressing who you truly are through your clothing. It’s about having fun, being yourself, taking risks and not caring what anyone will think or say about your fashion choices. If I want to wear a purple feather boa because I’m feeling sexy and FREE that day, then you bet I’m gonna rock a purple feather boa. Ultimately, fashion is about showing your identity and telling the world, ‘Hey, this is me!’ through your own personal style!” -Tahir Robinson

Tahir has an all around modern, classic style, where he still shows off his confidence in what he is wearing. His style reflects his sweet personality and his knowledge and love for fashion. He’s pretty much aesthetic goals. Follow his instagram, here! 🙂


“I’m inspired by pieces of clothing that the average person wouldn’t wear. Taking risks are a huge factor in my fashion world! I used to be timid to wear outfits out of the norm because of what my peers might think. But then I think about how much more rewarding it is to be different and lavish and abstract and I fear no more.” -Hope Coleman

Hope is one of the craziest people that I know. (In a good way). She wears bright colors and patterns that show how outgoing she is, and it coincides with the smile that is always on her face!  I miss you Hope 🙂

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

“Fashion is the art of presenting your aesthetic to others and leaving an everlasting impression. Fashion is so much more than just a little black dress. It’s the story behind the piece, the fabric that was used, the construction, the embellishments, and the delivery. The whole process is a beautiful thing to me. I hope to one day have people enjoy my designs as much as I enjoy creating them.” -Felicia Murray

Who’s that…?^^^^  🙂
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I hope this post has given you some inspiration. Be confident in what you wear and take risks! Make getting dressed in the morning fun!

Also, what does fashion mean to you? Comment below because I would love to hear from you!

Stay fashionable,


5 thoughts on “What Does Fashion Mean to You?

  1. Tess Buswell says:

    Felicia, I need to have you develop a style for me. I never made it a priority and since I’m 70 I should start soon!😀😀
    I really enjoyed this blog on Fashion!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Erlance says:

    Felicia, I loved this post! Very interesting to read, and really inspiring! Makes me think about what my style projects about me, and how much I love being able to tell people a bit of who I am with just a glance! Can’t wait for more 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Laura says:

    This is truly inspiring and opened my eyes to fashion. I need to try new styles and add more color! Maybe you can help this mom add brightness? Your friends have terrific style and fashion!
    Great Job!
    Love you!


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