4 Months and Counting-My Vegetarian Journey

I just got back from Thanksgiving break with family in New York! It was nice to see family that I haven’t seen in a while, and I even got to hike a mountain and adventure around with the sisters. (pictured above). Also, Thanksgiving dinner was delicious….despite something being very different this year.

What was different? Well today marks 4 months of…..being a vegetarian! You probably all think I’m crazy. (it’s true). What is Thanksgiving without turkey? Still delicious.

As more and more people are finding out about my new lifestyle, I thought I’d make a post about it to help people understand my decision.

Why did I become vegetarian?

Well, over the summer I began to think about how I would maintain a healthy lifestyle while in college, and I was excited just thinking about how much independence I would have with my diet. For once, I am able to choose what I put into my body on a daily basis.

Now, I’m not saying that meat is not healthy for you; it can be. The problem with meat for me is the way that it is processed. (And no, I’m not one of those “save the animals” vegetarians). Animals were meant to be killed for our consumption, but they were not meant to be kept and slaughtered inhumanly and plumped up with added hormones and antibiotics. If I don’t know exactly what I’m putting into my body, why would I want to risk eating it?

I do respect people that pay the extra money to eat organic, farm raised, free range, cage-free, etc. During my first few weeks of being vegetarian, I tried cage free, grass fed, organic chicken. It tasted fresh and natural. But I soon decided that in order to stick to my plan, eliminating meat completely was the way to go.

And that proposes another question that I often am asked:

How do you receive your daily protein without eating meat?

I have learned to love finding other ways to include protein in my meals. Some different things protein can be found in:

eggs- I prefer Eggland’s Best- kosher and vegetarian fed hens
beans- I eat hummus almost every day as a mid-day snack!
tofu- I have learned to love it!
quinoa-A recently found love of mine and so easy to make!
nuts- Trail mix is a favorite snack of mine, and who doesn’t love peanut butter?

People also often ask, was it hard for you to just stop eating meat?

It honestly was not hard at all. Once I made the decision, I stuck with it. Now that I haven’t had meat for such a long time, it doesn’t even sound good to me! Even the smell of some meats just kind of makes me not want it even more. Yes, waking up to the smell of bacon in the morning just does not smell good to me anymore.

But nonetheless, I never judge people for their decisions on what they choose to eat! I am still perfectly content with going out to eat with friends or family and finding something on the menu for myself to eat. There is ALWAYS at least one thing on the menu that I am able to eat, and I don’t cringe when others order a steak or wings.

To continue with my vegetarian journey, I am going to be reviewing a vegetarian recipe with step-by-step instructions and photos on how to make it! 🙂

Here’s a recipe that I have been dying to try:

Roasted Fennel and Cous Cous Salad


Looks good, right?

Comment with any recipes that you might want me to try in the future!


Happy December!




(Photo Courtesy: loveandoliveoil.com)

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