Living Raw: A Photo Series by Meghan Elizabeth

With continuing my #SelfLove exposition, I had the incredible opportunity to be a part of a unique photo series called “Living Raw” by photographer Meghan Elizabeth.

Usually when I participate in a photoshoot, I spend at least an hour getting my hair and makeup picture-perfect ready. Now this isn’t a bad thing; I wear makeup everyday. Makeup is a fun way to express yourself. It makes me feel beautiful and girly. I do believe that even though makeup is a  way to express yourself, that every girl should feel beautiful in their natural skin. This photoshoot was different than others. I was Living Raw.

I asked Meghan a few questions about her new photo series:


What inspired this series?

“I was inspired to begin the Living Raw series because we live in a generation now that is so obsessed with self image. My goal as I continue with this project is to make who ever is modeling to feel the most confident and that you don’t need makeup or a filter to feel beautiful. We need to realize that not everyone can be a Kardashian.
My main priority for this series is to focus on the simplicity of photos again. Yes, you can do amazing things to a photo when you take it into Photoshop but I feel as though the true art form of photography is being able to take advantage of the surroundings around you.”

What do you love most about photography?

“What I love most about photography is it makes me feel alive and connected to the world, that maybe I understand something about the world. It is a universal language and stops time just for a moment. Photography has the power to undo your assumptions about the world and change your perspective on life. You don’t ever think your done. You just have to do it. There’s no such thing as ‘just one more picture.’ Anyone can take a good picture, especially now, but to take great photographs you need time, patience and I know that this is what I’m supposed to be doing with my life.”

What does “Self-Love” mean to you, and how do you apply it to the art of photography?

“To me, Self-Love means choosing yourself, even if it means upsetting others. I apply Self-Love to the art of photography by being confident in my work. I know I am going to encounter people who might not appreciate my work as much as others, but the key is to keep confident and to find ways that will only better me as an artist and my work.”

With no makeup except for a little mascara on the lashes, Meghan made me feel beautiful.


I hope you enjoyed these photos and that they inspired you to #LiveRaw and to #SelfLove. You are beautiful.

Follow the amazing Meghan on Instagram- @meghan_elizaabeth and like her Facebook page- The Starving Photographer !


Love yourself homies,





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