Logo Tees: Sydney Estes Creations

Today I am featuring a talented artist and fashionista, Sydney Estes. Sydney is an aspiring fashion designer who is full of determination and has an eye for style. (She’s also one of my best friends 🙂 ) I was chosen to be a model for her new logo tees and I had the chance to ask her all about her story as a designer.

Here are some of the photos from the shoot:


I’m not gonna’ lie, these shirts are all around amazing. They are so soft and effortlessly elegant. If you are interested in supporting a fellow artist, you should totally purchase one!~~~~~ Buy them and follow her blog here.

Not only is Sydney an amazing designer, but she has such an inspiring story. I am so blessed to have gotten to know her not only as a designer, but as a friend. I asked her some questions all about her brand so that you all could get to know her a little better:

What made you want to become a fashion designer?

“The aesthetic of the fashion world is what drew me to fashion. I have always loved to express myself and draw to create things so I thought why not combine my love for both?”

What does your logo mean to you?

“My logo to me means that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. My design represents what I am all about, simplicity.”

Where do you see yourself in the future?

“I see myself owning a successful company and collaborating with many different types of artists. I want my name to be known in the fashion world!”

What is your unique aesthetic?

“My aesthetic is simple designs with a flare. I like to keep things clean and sleek and throw in a pop of something unique.”

I really hope that you all enjoyed this post, and I have some big news that I am going to be posting about TOMORROW. It’s something that has been on my mind for quite a while now.

Keep a look out for the post, and if you want to be notified when it is posted, follow this blog by email! (scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter your email into the provided box)



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