What Aesthetic: An Interview with Christian Carreon

felicia copy
link to the sweater Felicia’s wearing


  1. What inspired you to begin your brand, What Aesthetic, and when did you start your brand?


“I started What Aesthetic as a way for me to get my art and messages about positive social change out there in a way that people can wear and enjoy. I launched my brand officially around November 17, 2015. But have been working on it since the summer of 2015.”

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It’s Lit Shirt
  1. Describe the perfect What Aesthetic customer:


“The perfect What Aesthetic customer is a human of youth. They’re artists. They enjoy fast food and going to music festivals and hanging out with their squad. They dream of travelling the world. They’re an activist for equal rights whether it be for gender, lgbt, or racial equality rights. They’re open minded and fun-loving. They also might not have life figured out just yet but they’re having a hell of a good time living the life they have now. (:”

IMG_4572 copy
Never Lose Your Imagination Shirt


  1. What is the biggest goal for your company?


“My biggest goal is to just spread as much love and positivity as I can through the clothes I create. This means getting What Aesthetic to the point where we are huge and as big as Urban or F21, so we can make as many people as possible smile through our clothing. In the future, I still want to keep the collections fairly small to make sure what we’re putting out is of quality and different from other brands out there.”

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Black Lives Still Matter Shirt


  1. What makes your clothing different and unique?


“We’re bold. We don’t care what other people think or say. Our garments don’t exist just to take up space. Our garments exist to send a message. This message differs from piece to piece. Some of our apparel exists to spread the message of feminism or other equality rights. Some of them promote body positivity. All of them make the wearer feel like they are beautiful and cool.”

edit (15 of 15)
Females Are Strong As Hell Top

“We are definitely not trying to please everybody. We don’t care if your parents hate that new crop top we just made you. We don’t care if not everybody in your class “gets” the nerdy art reference that we made on your shirt. We only care that you love it and feel good as fuck while you’re wearing it.

What Aesthetic isn’t just clothes. It’s a feeling. It’s feeling good in your own skin and in what you are wearing. It’s a feeling of belonging to this tribe of other cool kids who share the same artsy aspirations and dreams and interests as you.

That’s what makes us different. We aren’t just another box of cut and cloth. We are What Aesthetic.”

Here’s a picture of me screenprinting our It’s Lit shirt and eating pretzels. Lmao.



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